Services by Human Capital Logistics, LLC

Our strength is matching our specialized talent with the needs of your organization!

Our reliable professionals are here to help solve your tough, complex problems. We do this by carefully selecting highly competent IT professionals with a proven track record in their field of expertise. We have the candidate you are looking for.

Project Management

Do you need a project management professional that knows how to direct the work that delivers your requirements on time and within budget? Human Capital Logistics, LLC has the project management professionals to get the job done. Our PMP certified project managers have a wealth of experience managing projects of all sizes and complexity using traditional and more current project management methodologies. Our project managers are also experienced with working with diverse, multi-cultural work teams.

Business Analysis/Requirements

Having requirements is one thing. Having the right requirement, from the right resources, to get the right results is another. Human Capital Logistics, LLC will provide you with this expertise in the form of professionals who are trained in eliciting the information that is essential for delivering a good product.

Business Process Analysis

Before you can make improvements, you first need to know what you are currently doing. Utilizing multiple techniques of observation, interviews, research and feedback sessions, resources provided to your company by Human Capital Logistics, LLC will provide you the documentation you need to make improvements that correctly address identified root causes.

Software Development

In partnership with Valueadd Softtech, HCL, LLC offers custom Open Source software development solutions (JavaScript, Java) and cloud based deployments (DevOps) using a wide range of applications and platforms.

We assist our clients on their business workflow to provide integrated solutions using the right mix of technology on open source platforms. We work on Fullstack JavaScript Technologies at Enterprise level, beyond just SPAs (Single Page Applications) and follow Agile development methodologies to deliver minimal viable products (MVPs) within a 2-3 week timeframe.

IT Recruitment

Human Capital Logistics, LLC delivers a “boutique” search experience for its customers to find the resource with the required, uniquely identified skill set(s) you are looking for. We take into consideration your company’s business vision and work culture to not only find candidates that have the requested technical experience, but also bring a demeanor and ethic that fits your business’ work environment.

HCL, LLC pulls from a diverse candidate pool to ensure that your needs are met. We particularly like to work with small IT firms that do not have the HR resources or luxury of expending many hours in the recruitment process.

Similarly, for job seekers, HCL, LLC works to place candidates in environments that will utilize their talents and fit into their long-term career aspirations.